Cantatus Helped us Grow Revenue!

When Bill Tonelli, Managing Partner at Avisar, found himself on the verge of losing an important client, he began searching for innovative ways to attract and retain customers. To that end, Tonelli attended a seminar conducted by Cantatus Systems Group, Inc., where he learned about Sage Accpac CFO, a powerful …

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West Coast Title Search

Cantatus alerted West Coast Title Search to an ever-increasing trend in companies for misuse of the internet and e-mail by staff during work hours. In order to assess whether this was a legitimate issue for their company, West Coast Title Search accepted Cantatus’ offer to install a free test-server to …

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Printlux Online

Printlux began to grow rapidly and had made a significant investment in their web-procurement software but faced the challenge of integration with their financial systems. They knew that there was a risk of delayed or inaccurate orders because of the redundant data entry they were currently experiencing and concluded that …

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